Stoke-on-Trent residents can apply online for concessionary bus passes

Concessionary bus passes can be applied for quickly and easily online, removing the need for residents to travel to make applications in person.

Residents who qualify can fill in an easy online form at in order to:

– Apply for a free concessionary bus pass
– Renew an existing concessionary bus pass
– Request a replacement concessionary bus pass if their pass has been lost or stolen. (A fee of £8 will be taken after eligibility has been validated)
Request a companion be added to an existing concessionary bus pass (A fee of £15 will be taken after eligibility has been validated)
– Any residents who do not have internet access can use public computers in libraries, where library staff are able to assist in the application process. Residents who wish to go to a Local Centre can make a face-to-face appointment by calling 01782 234234 or via the city council’s website.

Once an application is made online or at a Local Centre, passes are printed and sent out via post to the residents’ home address.

Conservative Councillor Daniel Jellyman, Deputy Leader of the Council & Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Infrastructure and Heritage said: “It’s incredibly quick and easy for residents to apply for concessionary bus passes online and saves the hassle of making an application in person. It is also extremely Covid-secure, with residents able to apply from their own homes.

“We understand that not everyone has access to the internet at home and so residents can use a public computer in local libraries where our friendly library staff will be able to help if necessary. Alternatively, if they prefer, they can make an appointment at one of our Local Centres where our helpful staff can assist.”

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