Councillor Dave Evans

“There are few things more humbling than people putting their faith in you to do the best for your community, even more so when it’s a community that your family has lived in for generations.

“Since May 2015 when I was first elected, I have done my very best to repay that faith by working for the residents of the communities that make up the Baddeley, Milton and Norton ward. It’s a big ward and it’s been a big challenge, but I have loved every minute.

“Working with residents to establish new residents’ associations and community groups has helped to create a stronger area, so when issues such as the awful fire at Hanbury Plastics happened, we worked together to get through and use it as opportunity to bring forward something positive.

“I feel so proud to represent our local communities with my fellow Conservative Councillors Carl Edwards & James Smith.

Councillor Dave Evans

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